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Funding organic farms and local food systems is as important as going to Mars.

We need to rebuild community. We need to put carbon back into the soil. We need an economy that works for real people in real places. There’s no better place to start than with how we grow our food.

We’ve Already Begun

It’s called the slow money movement. Since 2010, more than $80 million has flowed to over 800 small organic farms and food businesses via volunteer-led groups. Tens of thousands have attended events. We’re making low interest loans and 0% loans. (0%? That’s right!)

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Beetcoin is your way to participate, no matter where you live.

Local groups are coming together across the U.S. and abroad to make 0% loans to farmers and food entrepreneurs. When the loans are repaid, the money recirculates locally. Beetcoin brings the power of the internet to the party--aggregating small donations online and using them to seed new local groups and grow the movement.

Tom Abood

We’ve tried capitalism and socialism. Maybe it’s time for us to try localism.

David Brooks

Beetcoin—the world’s first non-crypto non-currency.

OK. So it’s not a coin in the crypto sense. It’s a way for us to affirm that we need something radically new, something that is neither newfangled investing nor old-fashioned philanthropy. Something that is more integral. More personal. Something that enables us to fix things from the ground up, in ways that Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Washington cannot.

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Who We Are

We are an international family of local groups, growing in tandem with a widespread network of working relationships in food and finance. Our Beetcoin Advisors reflect the quality of these relationships.

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For community. For health. For climate.
For real.

Everywhere you look are signs that the emperor has no clothes. From pandemic to populism, from cyptocurrency to climate, we see that our systems are strained to the limit. We need new economic vision. Bitcoin? Maybe. Beetcoin? Definitely.

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